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LAWCARE helped me with the process of preparing a Petition for Guardianship of my grandson. I looked at attempting to preparing the paperwork myself but found it far too complicated. LAWCARE prepared all the paperwork and when I attended the hearing my petition was successful and I was appointed guardian of my grandson. The Probate Attorney who was assigned to my case, commented on how well my petition and supporting documents were prepared. He went on to tell me that usually when people represent themselves and have prepared the documents themselves he often finds problems in the paperwork that require fixing before orders can be made. Thank you LAWCARE for a job well done.

–Holly T.

I had an old conviction on my record that I wanted removed through a process called Expungement. LAWCARE assisted in preparation of the petition and supporting documentation. The Judge approved the expungement without a court appearance. LAWCARE made the process simple and inexpensive and I will be forever grateful.

–Justin L.

My husband and I wanted to get a divorce and most of the issues were uncontested and we did not, therefore, want to spend unnecessary money on attorney’s. LAWCARE assisted us in the preparation of the necessary paperwork and filed the paperwork for us. Unfortunately we were unable to come to an agreement in respect to some financial issues and I thought I needed to hire an attorney, however, with LAWCARE’S help we were able to bring the matter before the court ourselves and we were able to resolve the issues in dispute. Our divorce was eventually resolved as an uncontested matter. LAWCARE was also able to prepare and get approved an order dividing a pension plan and so the whole process proved economically and emotionally a success.

Thank you LAWCARE for everything you did.

–Tracy H.

I had previously obtained a divorce judgment but needed to modify the order in respect to child custody, visitation and support. LAWCARE assisted me in preparation of the necessary paperwork and obtained the mediation and court hearing dates. At the hearing before the Judge at San Fernando I was able to obtain the modifications orders I had requested, but surprisingly the Judge asked me if I had received assistance with the paperwork. I told him that I had and he commented on how well prepared the paperwork was. What better recommendation can you have than that.

Well done and thank you LAWCARE.

–Susan T.

LAWCARE helped me with the preparation of the necessary paperwork for m step parent adoption and assisted me all the way through to a successful adoption.

–Dennis D.

I had heard that there was a procedure to enable me to adopt my adult step child who had treated me as her own father for many years. She wanted to become my adopted child and LAWCARE assisted in preparing the Adult Adoption application. Everything went smoothly and my daughter is now officially my daughter.

Thank you LAWCARE for assisting us in this unusual procedure, you knew what to do.

–Frank M.

LAWCARE made my petition foe name change an easy process, they handled all the paperwork, arranged the publication in the newspaper. I went to the hearing and the Judge made the name change order.

Thank you, LAWCARE.

–Stacy C.

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