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subhJeffrey and Charlene Oliver started their paralegal business, Attorney Alternatives and have been serving the Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley and the San Fernando Valley communities since 1998. They recently changed the name of the business to LAWCARE as they felt that the name better described what they do. They offer assistance in preparing legal documents in most areas of law and they offer exceptional customer service, including house calls for no additional expense, and they really CARE about the needs of their clients. 50 percent of their business is returning clients or referrals, which is a reflection of the service they provide.

Jeffrey has been involved in the legal profession both here in America and in his native England for more than 25 years. He is an Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives in England and obtained his Paralegal Certification from the University of LaVerne, San Fernando School of Law. He has worked with some of the best attorney’s in California since1986. Jeffrey is the most experience all round paralegal in the Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley.

Charlene, a former Motown Recording Artist and No. 1 worldwide recording artist, now spends her time in the entertainment industry and assisting Jeff with exceptional customer service and handles the business side of LAWCARE.

LAWCARE, provides an alternative to the hiring of an attorney, of course, paralegals or Legal Document Assistants as they are now called cannot give legal advise or appear in court but can assist in the preparation of all legal documents. LAWCARE do have a relationship with several attorneys’ that can give necessary legal advice and also take over the case if necessary.

Court appearance are only a small part of the legal process and in most uncontested matters a case can be resolved without the need of a court appearance just by filing the necessary documentation with the court. Jeffrey and Charlene believe in a company that serves the client and makes the legal process as convenient and simple as possible. Jeffrey’s work has been praised by the Family Law Judges at San Fernando and Lancaster and by the Probate Attorney in his preparation of complicated guardianship paperwork.

Statistics provided by Nolo Press, a legal publication, show that because of economics, more people are making decisions to handle their own legal matters and LAWCARE can assist in the process at very affordable prices. LAWCARE also offers assistance to attorney’s who require independent paralegal work in the preparation of legal documents and pleadings, especially in discovery requests and responses.

LAWCARE is not online assistance, but personal friendly service. A person that you can speak to, and get help from, the whole step of the way.

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